Here Today Gone Tomorrow Lyrics & Chords

By The Easter Brothers

(D)I keep watching for the dawning of (G)tomorrow, when we'll (D)meet the blessed Savior in the (A)sky, and all the (D)troubles of today will soon be (G)over thats when God will (D)wipe all the (A)teardrops from our (D)eyes. Chorus (D)We're here today, we'll be gone (G)tomorrow, and this (D)life won't even be a (A)memory. We're (D)here today, we'll be gone (G)tomorrow, here we'll (D)praise the Lord (A)through out (D)eternity. Today we're getting ready for the final journey, and I'm making plans to live in my new home, soon those eastern skies will glow the clouds of glory, and the sounding of the trumpets will gone

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