Here In The Presence Lyrics & Chords

By Elevation Worship

Verse 1 (C)Here I lay my (G)burdens (Am)down (F) (C)Lose my worries in (G)Your (Am)love (F) (C)Casting every (G)care on (Am)You (F) (C)I have carried (G)them (Am)enough Chorus (G)We're not a(C)lone Here with(Am)in His (G)love (G)Emmanu(C)el He is (Am)still with (G)us Verse 2 When the world becomes too much Near the cross I will remain Until every fear is stilled At the mention of Your name Chorus We're not alone Here within His love Emmanuel He is still with us Bridge (C)Mercy is falling (G)falling (Am)Lift up your hands re(G)ceive it now (F)Here in the (G)presence of the Lord (C)I know your past is (G)broken (Am)You can move on it's over (G)now (F)Here in the (G)presence of the Lord (C)Tired of running (G)running (Am)Be still and know He's in (G)control (F)Here in the (G)presence of the Lord

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