Here I Am A Sinner Free Lyrics & Chords

Matt Redman

(A)Here am I a sinner free, Pardoned by your majesty (D)Your love has led me into (A)liberty Holy King upon the throne, You made this heart your very own (D)I feel like the leper who's been (A)healed (D)Lost and dirty yet you found me, (A)Stained by sin but you have cleansed me (Bm)Can it be I'm precious in Your (A)sight? (D)What is man and who am I? (A)A child of God, My Father's pride. (Bm)What a joy to be the Lord's (A)delight I have known a love so sweet, A saving love that brings relief I healing love that makes the blind eye see King of love and Prince of Peace, Your shepherd's love is tending me A love that satisfies my deepest needs

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