Here Comes The Bride Lyrics & Chords

By Third Exodus Assembly

Verse 1 (C)What a cele(F)bration on that day, (C)We know It (Am)can’t be very far away; (C)Heaven’s Bridegroom has descended, The (F)ransomed bride of God ascends; (C)Heaven’s bell will sweetly ring, Choir of angels (F)start to sing, (C)Pick up your (G)trumpet Gabriel and (C)blow Chorus (C)Here (F)comes the (C)bride to be (F)e(Am)ver (Dm)at (Am)His (G)side, (C)Oh, (F)what a spotless bride! (C)Oh, (F)what a glorious sight! (C)Here come the (F)chosen ones, (C)Here come the (F)ransomed ones, (C)Angels step (Am)aside, for (Dm)here (C)comes the (F)bride; (C)Angels step (Am)aside, For (Am)here (G)comes the (C)bride. Verse 2 Some from every nation will be there, Wearing spotless robes o bright and fair. All of Heaven will behold, The bride is marching down the streets of gold, Getting ready now to go, The very hour no one seems to know, Pick up your trumpet Gabriel and blow. Chorus Here comes the bride to be ever at His side, Oh, what a spotless bride! Oh, what a glorious sight! Here come the chosen ones, Here come the ransomed ones, Angels step aside, for here comes the bride; Angels step aside, For here comes the bride.

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