Her Crown She Has Won Lyrics & Chords

By Johnny Paycheck

(D)My mother was all the (G)whole world to (D)me She taught me of Jesus (E)there at her (A)knees (D)She taught me to love Him and (G)taught me to (D)pray And she told me from Jesus (A)never to (D)stray I started to wander from God’s precious way The bright lights of sin had lured me away But I still remember some things momma taught Of God’s loving grace with His blood we were bought Now she’s (G)gone gone to her heavenly (D)home Gone home to Jesus her (A)crown she has (D)won My mother’s so heartsick to see me this way I know pray to Jesus for her child each day A proud mother prays until her dying day Dear God save my child show him the way Because momma prayed and God answers prayers I’m saved and I’m lifted in his loving care I know mother’s wearing the crown she has won She’s resting with Jesus her work here is done Yes she’s gone gone to her heavenly home Gone home to Jesus her crown she has won

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