Help Is On The Way Lyrics & Chords

By Michael E. Reed Jr

(D)A woman in the Bible days her (G)last meal was almost gone But (A)God sent Elisha to (G)make His Word (D)known He said woman don’t worry for (G)God sent me today And (A)before you even asked Him, (G)help was (A)on the (D)way Chorus Just(D) hold on a little longer (G) help is on the way A (A)brighter day is coming for (G)those who believe and (D)pray Help won’t help tomorrow if (G)you give up today Just hold (A)on a little longer, (G)help is (A)on the (D)way (D)Troubles of this life come (G)burdens get you down You (A)think no one is listening you (G)think no one’s (D)around Just remember what His word says (G)trust Him and obey Keep your (A)eyes toward the heavens cause (G)help is (A)on the (D)way

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