He'll Make A Way Lyrics & Chords

By The Crabb Family

Verse 1 (D)Looking for answers, you need a way (G)out You've been trapped in that (D)trial full of sorrow and (A)doubt You saw a trickle of (D)sunlight but you found no (G)escape Just hold on to his (D)promises,(Bm) He said (A)He'd make a (D)way Chorus (D)He'll make a way in the middle of (G)nowhere When it seems no one (D)really cares he is there by your (A)side He'll make a (D)way when you feel Satan (G)close in Don't give up, don't (D)give in,(Bm) He'll make a (A)way right on (D)time Verse 2 Standing at the Red Sea, no place to go Pharaoh's army was closing in, they'd soon overthrow But right out of nowhere came a might strong hand He rolled back the water, he made a way out again

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