He'll Do It Again Lyrics & Chords

By Gloria Trotter

Verse 1 (G)You may be down and feel like (Em)God Has somehow for(C)gotten That you are (G)faced with circumstances You can’t get (D)through and right now it (G)seems like there’s no way (Em)out And you’re going (C)under God’s proven (G)time and time again He’ll (D)fix it for (G)you Chorus And He’ll do it (C)again He’ll do it (G)again If you’ll just take a (A)look At where you are now And where you’ve (D)been Well hasn’t He always come (G)through (C)for (G)you He’s the same now as (Em)then oh, You may not know (A)how You may not know (D)when But He’ll do it (G)again Verse 2 My God knows the things you’re going through And He knows how we’re hurting You see he knows just how you’re heart Has been broken in two for He’s the God of the sun, and the stars and the seas And He is your Father He can calm the storm And He’ll find some way to fix it for you BRIDGE Oh He’s still God and He will not fail you Oh yes He’s still God and He will not change oh yes He's still God and He's fighting for you oh Yes, just like Moses, just like Daniel, Just like Shadrach and Meshach, Abednego TAG You may not know how You may not know when But He’ll do it again Oh Yes, He's gonna do it again!

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