Heaven's Sounding Sweeter All The Time Lyrics & Chords

By Dewey | Jimmy Swaggart

Verse 1 (C)Life (F)has been so good I can't (C)complain When I'm down God gives me strength to rise (G#)again But I'm (C)weary from the (F)struggle of it (C)all So I (G#)listen how I listen for His (C)call Chords (C)Heaven's sounding (F)sweeter all the (C)time Seems (Am)like lately it's (D)always on my (Dm)mind (C)Someday I'll leave this world be(F)hind (C)Heaven's sounding (G#)sweeter all the (C)time Verse 2 It's always hard to lose a loved one to the grave But we have the blessed hope that Jesus gave God's gonna wipe all the tears from our eyes When we meet in that land beyond the skies Chorus Heaven's sounding sweeter all the time Seems like lately it's always on my mind Someday I'll leave this world behind Heaven's sounding sweeter all the time

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