Heaven Came Down Lyrics & Chords

By John W. Peterson

Verse 1 (G)O what a wonderful, (D)wonderful (G)day-day I will never for(D)get; (Am)After I'd (C)wandered in (D7)darkness away,(C)Jesus my (D)Savior I (G)met. O what a tender com(D)passionate (G)friend-He met the need of my (C)heart; Shadows dispelling, with (G)joy I am telling,He (D)made all the (C)darkness de(G)part! Chorus (G)Heaven came down and (C)glory (D)filled my (G)soul ((C)filled my (G)soul) When at the cross the (C)Savior (D)made me (G)whole ((C)made me (G)whole) My (D)sins were washed a(C)way(Am)- and my (G)night was (D)turned to (C)day(Am)- (G)Heaven came down and (C)glory (D)filled my (G)soul ((C)filled my (G)soul) Verse 2 Born of a Spirit with life from above Into God's family divine, Justified fully thro' Calvary's love, O what a standing is mine! And the transaction so quickly was made When as a sinner I came, Took of the offer of grace He did proffer He saved me, O praise His dear name! Chorus Heaven came down and glory filled my soul When at the cross my Saviour made me whole My sins were washed away and my night was turned to day Heaven came down and glory filled my soul Verse 3 Now I've a hope that will surely endure After the passing of time; I have a future in heaven for sure, There in those mansions sublime. And it's because of that wonderful day When at the cross I believed; Riches eternal and blessings supernal From His precious hand I received

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