Hearts Courageous Lyrics & Chords

By The Smith Family

(C)Give us ears to hear that still, (G)small (Am)voice (F) And give us (C)lips forever (F)willing to (G)rejoice And may our (F)eyes be lit with (C)wisdom, May we (G#)know the (E)path that's (F)true, And we'll (C)march with hearts (F)courageous (C)after You. Chorus (C)We're marching (F)o-(G)o-(C)on with (F)hearts cour(C)ageous; We'll follow (F)a(G)ny(Am)where (F)You want us (C)to, And should you (F)lead (G)us (Am)where (F)the battle ra(Am)ges We will (F)march with hearts (G)courageous (C)after You. And when sorrow dims the light along the way Help us to see each time of darkness through eyes of faith. A time for hope, a time for courage Knowing You will lead us through, And we'll march with hearts courageous after You.

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