Heartbeat Lyrics & Chords

By Lincoln Brewster

Verse 1 (Am)One heartbeat, one (G)mind (Am)One focus (G)divine (Dm)One hope and one (G)faith (Dm)One love that (G)remains You bring (Am)order where there's chaos (G)Nothing sepa(C)rates (G)us Your (Dm)love Your love is stirring in our (G)souls Chorus (F)Unite our (C)hearts To (Am)beat for You (G)alone (F)Fortify our (C)hope In the (Am)faithfulness You've (G)shown (F)We give our (C)all To (Am)be Your hands and (G)feet Make our (F)heartbeat Your heartbeat Verse 2 One God and one grace One passion unchained One purpose, one life One mission unified You bring order where there's chaos Nothing separates us Your love Your love is stirring in our souls Bridge (Dm)Let us love like You love (Am)With a (G)heart that's broken (Dm)Let us give like You gave (Am)With our (G)arms wide open (Dm)Let us never forget (C)All the (G)lost and lonely (F)souls

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