Hear Our Praises Lyrics & Chords


(C)May our homes be filled with dancing (Am)May our (F)streets be filled with (G)joy (C)May injustice bow to Jesus (Am)As the (F)people turn to (G)pray Chorus From the (C)mountains (G)to the (F)valleys Hear our (Am)praises (G)rise to (F)You From the (C)heavens (G)to the (F)nations Hear our (Am)singing (G)fill the (F)air (G) (C)May Your light shine in the darkness (Am)As we (F)walk before the (G)cross (C)May Your glory fill the whole earth (Am)As the (F)water o'er (G)seas Halle(F)lujah, (Dm)halle(Am)lujah (Em) Halle(F)lujah, (Dm)halle(G)lujah

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