He Went To The Cross Loving You Lyrics & Chords

By Don & Harold Reid

(D)He came in this (G)world loving (D)you He lay in a (G)manger loving (A)you He was (D)born a babe to die a man (G)Sacrificed to (E)fill a plan And He (D)went through his (A)life loving (G)you (D) He taught the gospel truth loving you He healed the lame and sick loving you And when they found him free from sin He was crucified by earthly men But He went to the cross loving you To (G)save the world forever There's (D)nothing He didn't give It took (E)Jesus Christ to show us What love really is He (A)laid down his life loving you He died on the cross loving you Two dark days passed while He was gone But on the third He rose at dawn And He'll come back again loving you Because He went to the cross loving you

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