He Walks Beside Me Lyrics & Chords

By Isla Grant

(C)He walks be(F)side me and He will (C)guide me He (G)listens to all I have to (C)say He walks (F)beside me and He will (C)guide me Jesus will (G)show me the (C)way When I am lost He knows just (F)where I want to (C)go When I'm (G)confused within my mind He (F)understands I k(C)now And when I'm tired and feel that (F)I just can't go (C)on That's when I (G)know that He is near it's a chance to (F)help me move (C)along When nights are dark somehow I always see His light When things go wrong somehow I know That He will always make them right And when I'm cold I feel His love surrounding me When I am blind to others needs I know He will always let me see Jesus will show me the w-a-y

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