He Understands My Tears Lyrics & Chords

By The Isaacs

(A)It's hard to believe He still (D)loves me (A)Knowing how wrong I have (D)been When (A)all I can say is I'm (D)sorry When (G)all I can feel is my (A)sin Chorus (A)He understands when (G)all I do is (D)cry (A)He feels the hurt that (G)no one can see down (A)inside (D) And when the (G)words get in the (A)way I (D)know He still (G)hears For (Em)He under(A)stands my (D)tears. You may not believe that I'm broken For all you can see is my smile Oh but He hears the heart that's unspoken And He gives me strength through each trial Oh when the words get in the way I know He still hears For He understands when no one else can He understands my tears.

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