He Took Your Place Lyrics & Chords

By Lester Flatt & Earl Scruggs

(D)Upon the rugged cross of (G)Calvary (D)Was there my blessed Savior (A)cried (D)Forgive them for they know not (G)what they do Oh, (D)sinner (A)friend, for thee he (D)died Chorus His (G)hands are gently knocking (D)on your door Outside he's pleading to come (A)in His (D)heart is breaking as he (G)waits for you To (D)wash you (A)free from every s(D)in Someday he's coming back to claim his own We'll fly to Heaven's golden shore A crown of life he gives on that glad day With him we'll live forever more Those cruel thorns they pierced my Savior's head The blood was flowing down his face In shame, forsaken there he hung and died Oh, sinner friend, he took you place

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