He Shall Reign Forevermore Lyrics & Chords

By Chris Tomlin

Verse 1 (Em)In the bleak mid(C2)winter (G)All creation (D)groans And (Em)for a world in (C2)darkness (G)Frozen like a (D)stone Light is (Am9)breaking (C2)In a stable for a (D)throne Chorus And (Em)He shall (C2)reign Forever(G)more, forever(D/F#)more And (Em)He shall (C2)reign Forever(G)more, forever(D/F#)more Un(Em)to us a (C2)child is born The (G)King of kings and (D)Lord of lords And (Em)He shall (C2)reign Forever(G)more, forever(D/F#)more Verse 2 If I were a wise man I would travel far And if I were a shepherd I would do my part But, poor as I am I will give to Him my heart Bridge (Em)Here within a (C2)manger lies The (G)One who made the (D)starry skies This (Em)baby born for sa(C2)crifice (G/D)Christ the Messi(D)ah (Em)Into our hopes, (C2)into our fears The (G)Savior of the (D/F#)world appears The (Em)promise of eternal years (G/D)Christ the Messi(D)ah And He shall reign Forevermore, forevermore And He shall reign Forevermore, forevermore He shall reign He shall reign He shall reign

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