He Sees What We Don't Lyrics & Chords

By 11th Hour

Verse 1 (C)There are times in this (G)life when (C)fear is so heavy And (Am)burdens weigh on your (G)mind (C)You are weak in the knees and no (F)strength can you (C)find Just (Am)hold on, helps right on (G)time, my (F)Jesus is (G)always on (F)time. Chorus (C)And (F)though you may see a (C)valley (F)He sees the (C)mountain you’ll be standing (G)on When (F)all you can see are the (Am)tears falling (F)down I’m so glad He (C)sees what we don’t. Verse 2 (C)I’ve seen his children walk thru the (F)darkest of (C)midnight I’ve (Am)witnessed faith put to the (G)test And (C)I have watched as the storms (F)flew in with the (C)thunder But in (AM)each trial He knows what’s (G)best And I am (F)so glad He (G)knows what’s (C)best Bridge (F)He knows the (C)end from the beginning (F)He looks ahead past the (C)hurt and the (G)pain To a (F)place where the peace passes (Am)all under(F)standing He sees the sun thru the (G)rain

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