He Never Sleeps Lyrics & Chords

By Mark Bishop

(C)Somewhere (G)up in the (C)morning (F)while the (G)world is a(C)sleep. (F)Well I'm just sitting here (G)crying the tears that nobody sees but (C)me. I can put up a (F)good front. I can appear to (C)be strong. But in my heart I have (G)reached desperation, and I'm standing here (C)all alone. (C)Who am I to be(G)lieve and what gives me the right to expect God to (Am)come when I cry in the (G)night? Chorus (C)He never sleeps. He's never (F)weary. (G)Come what (C)may, he's always (F)near me. When I (Am)lose my (G)way and the path grows (F)steep he knows what it's like to (C)weep. (G)So he never (C)sleeps. Here I am on my knees Lord. It's been so long now I know. But I have no one to turn to and I'm on the edge here with no place to go. If it's true what they say Lord. That you can hear me somehow. No one else ever needed you more than the way Lord that I need you now. Through the dark of the night till the break of the dawn when you're tired and you feel that you can't carry on.

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