He Lives On High Lyrics & Chords

By Baylus B. McKinney & Queen Liliuokalani

(C)Christ the Savior came from Heaven’s glory, To (G)redeem the lost from sin and shame; (C)On His brow He wore the thorn-crown glory, And (F)upon (G)Calvary He took my (C)blame. Chorus (F)He lives on high, (C)He lives on high, (G)Triumphant over sin and all its (C)stain; He lives on high, (C)He lives on high, (G)Someday He’s coming (C)again. He arose from death and all its sorrow, To dwell in that land of joy and love; He is coming back some glad tomorrow, And He’ll take all His children home above. Weary soul, to Jesus come confessing, Redemption from sin He offers thee; Look to Jesus and receive a blessing: There is life, there is joy and victory!

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