He Lifted Me Out Lyrics & Chords

By Lawrence E. Brooks

Verse 1 (G)I was out on the broad way of (C)sin and despair, (D)Crushed beneath my burden of sorrow and (G)care; My constant companions were trouble and (C)doubt, Till Jesus0 reached (G)down and (D)lifted me (G)out. Chorus (G)He lifted me out of the (C)deep miry clay; He (D)settled my feet in the straight, narrow (G)way; He lifted me up to a heavenly (C)place, And floodeth my (G)soul each (D)day with His (G)grace. Verse 2 I was wandering afar from my Saviour and home, Fainting and weary in sin did I roam; I needed a hand to turn me about, Then Jesus reached down and lifted me out. Verse 3 I was building my home on the dry shifting sand, Casting my lot in a cold barren land; You're doomed now for aye I heard Satan shout; But Jesus reached down and lifted me out. Verse 4 I have started for heaven my heart filled with song Wandering is over my sins all are gone; Through Jesus' own blood cleansed within and without O praise His dear name He lifted me out.

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