He Is The Gift Lyrics & Chords

By Shawna Edwards

Verse 1 (G)In (C)every star we (G) and (Am)all the songs (G)we (F)sing Of (Dm)shepherds on a (E)hillside, of (F)goodwill and (G)peace. The (C)lights on every (G)tree and (Am)all the gifts we (F)bring In (Dm)every part of (C)Christmas we'll (G)see our King. Chorus For (F)He is the (G)light that (C)shines from the (Em)star, (F)He is the (C)shepherd watching (Dm)over (F)us (G)all. And (F)He is the (G)peace that (E)wise men still (Am)seek. A (F)Savior born that (G)we (C)might (Am)live (F)He is (G)the (C)gift. Verse 2 Hope and joy and strength He offers all our days, Pure and perfect blessings all wrapped in His grace. And when the lights come down the moments disappear But He who gives us everything will still be here. Chorus For He is the light that shines from the star, He is the shepherd watching over us all. And He is the peace that wise men still seek. A Savior born that we might live He is the gift.

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