He Is Here Hallelujah Lyrics & Chords

I sense an awesome moving of the Holy Spirit And I see His countenance resting on your face I know that there are angels hovering all around us For the presence of the Lord is in this place Chorus (G)He is (C)here, (F)Halle (C)lujah! He is here, (F)A(C)men! He is here, Holy, Holy I will bless His name a(G)gain He is (C)here, (F)Listen (C)closely Hear (F)Him (C)calling (F)out your (C)name He is here, (A)you can (G)touch Him You will (C)never be (G)the (C)same Verse 2 I searched for peace among the shadows, dark and lonely Gave up on finding that strong and lasting love I tasted all the things that sin could fear to offer me But today I feast on manna from above Chorus He is here, Hallelujah He is here, Amen He is here, Holy, Holy I will bless His name again He is here, listen closely Hear Him calling out your name He is here, you can touch Him You will never be the same

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