He Has Forgiven Me Lyrics & Chords

By Damaris Carbaugh

Verse 1 (D)I know what it's like to (C)think of things (G)I've done And (C)want to run (G)and hide my head (D)in shame I know what it's like to really (G)hurt someone And (C)feel no sense of (G)sorrow (D)at their pain But I know what it's like (G)to have enough of my disgrace (C)And find be(Am)cause of Jesus' blood (C)my sins can (G)be e(D)rased Chorus (G)He (D)Has (C)for(D)given (G)me (C)My sins have been (G)washed from His memo(D)ry (G)By the blood of the (C)Lamb (G)of Calvar(C)y (G)He (Em)has (Am)for(D)given (G)me Verse 2 Do you know what it's like for God to be your friend? To talk to Him with nothing in between Do you know what it's like when the day comes to an end? To sleep in peace because your heart is clean Do you know what it's like when the accuser comes your way? To look him squarely in the eye with confidence and say Chorus He Has forgiven me My sins have been washed from His memory By the blood of the Lamb of Calvary He has forgiven me

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