He Can Be Found Lyrics & Chords

By The Ella Barrett & Faye Cunningham

(C)He can be found in a (G)mother's smile (C)He can be found in the (F)eyes of a (G)child (C)He can be found He is every(G)where (C)When we kneel in prayer each (G)plea He (C)hears Chorus He (G)can be found in the (F)air that we (C)breath (Am)He'll always hear a (G)heart that (F)grieves (C)He can be found on life's stormy (G)seas (C)He can be found (G)in you and (C)me He can be found in the hearts of great men He will reach down for one who has sinned The peasant's daughter or the rich man's son All who believe and who will let Him come

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