He Calms Me Lyrics & Chords

By The McKameys

(D)Troubled waters came my way; the (G)angry (D)storm grew near I (A)prayed for God to speak the words to (E)make it disap(A)pear It (G)seemed the waves would (D)not obey the master's call for (G)peace But then the Lord (D)spoke to my soul; (G)reminded me He (D)had control And (G)said this time His (A)words were meant for (D)me Chorus (D)Sometimes He calms the storm; (G)sometimes He calms (D)me Sometimes the storm still rages on but (E)I feel the sweetest (A)peace It's (D)such a joy to know that my Lord (G)knows just what I (D)need Sometimes He calms the storm; (G)sometimes (A)He calms (D)me Circumstance may overtake and bring me to my knees But when I feel I cannot cope with this life's troubled seas I call on him whose voice can still much greater storms than these His words bring peace into my soul when He says child I'm in control And with one touch He calms the storm in me

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