He Called My Name Lyrics & Chords

By Michael Combs

(G)they asked old (C)Lazarus, could you (G)explain how a man can be (D)dead, and then live (G)again, why, that's just in(C)sane. than Lazarus said (G)boys i heard a (C)voice. he spoke right to (G)me, and death set me (D)free, when he called my (C)name. Chorus (G)he called my (C)name, and i heard his voice, he called my (G)name, and i made my choice. i knew my (C)life would never be the same, after he (D)called, (after he called) he called my (G)name. they asked Zacchaeus can you tell us about jesus, in a sycamore tree, he said i climbed up to see, the lord pass my way. but the savior called out. today i'll stay at your house, so i took him in, he forgave all my sins and he called me my name.

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