He Already Sees Lyrics & Chords

By The Collingsworth Family

(G)When the storm raged about them The (D)disciples were (Em)afraid For the (C)waves were high and the (G)ship was (Em)tossed They (Am)could not find their (D)way Then they (G)awoke the Master Saying (C)Lord please save us (G)now He (C)rebuked the winds and the (G)sea grew (Em)calm And (Am)they all wondered (D)how (G)God sees the (D)storm from the other (G)side He (Am)knows the lessons (D)learned And just (C)beyond the (D)clouds He sees clear (G)skies (D) (G)He speaks peace to the (D)raging storm When (C)peace cannot be found He (Am)already sees the (D)rainbow when (C)we see (D)only (G)clouds Like the man on the sea did I have called on God in prayer When it seemed to me all hope was gone And in my deep despair I remembered what the Lord said When He calmed that troubled sea And I know once more how He sees the storm And peace floods over me God sees the storm from the other side He knows the lessons learned And just beyond the clouds He sees clear skies He speaks peace to the raging storm When peace cannot be found He already sees the rainbow when we see only clouds And when the storms of life come crashing in and trouble me I can feel God's arms around me and He whispers Let it be, Let it be

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