Have Everything Lyrics & Chords

By David Dunn

(C)The first time I (G)met you, I was (Em)on my (D)knees (C)Praying, "Lord, if you're (G)out there, (Em)can you (D)speak to me?" (C)Cause I was in a despe(G)rate place, (Em)My life looked like a (D)hurricane The (C)moment I (G)felt Your (Em)grace(D) Chorus (C)You can have me, (G)You can have every(Em)thing (D)Oh I am (C)Yours Not holding on, (G)onto any(Em)thing But Your (D)promise, (C)Lord, It's a new day, (G)it's a new dawn (Em)I've found a place (D)where I belong (C)Nothing I want more (G)than what You've given me (Em)Hey, so (D)You can have everything (C)Ah oh, (G)Ah (Em)oh, You can have everything (C)Ah oh, (G)Ah (Em)oh, You can have everything Verse 2 You are like the sunshine in the dead of night You're the only one standing when my world ignites So why would I hold anything back, Cause You keep my world intact? It's true, Oh, God, it's true, so I'll say Bridge (C)Every (G)day I'm gonna wake (Em)up, Gonna wake (D)up (C)Wake up and (G)say You can have (Em)me, have every(D)thing

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