Hallelujah Square Lyrics & Chords

By Ray Overholt

(D)I saw a blind man (G)tapping (D)along, losing his way, as he passed through the (A)throng (D)Tears filled my eyes, I said, (G)"Friend you can't (D)see," but, with a smile on his face, he re(A)tplied to (D)me Chorus (D)I'll see all my friends in (G)Hallelujah (D)Square, what a wonderful time we'll all have up (A)tthere We'll (D)sing and praise Jesus, His (G)glory to (D)share and you'll not see one blind man in (A)tHallelujah (D)Square Now, I saw a cripple dragging his feet, he couldn't walk like we do down the street I said, "My friend, I feel sorry for you," but he said, "Up in Heaven, I'm gonna walk just like you." And I saw an old man, gasping for breath, soon he'd be gone, as his eyes closed in death He looked at me and said, "Friend don't look so blue, for I'm going up to Heaven, now how about you?"

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