Hallelujah Lyrics & Chords

By Casting Crowns

Verse 1 (C)On the morning of creation (G)Father, Son and the Spirit (C)rise (F)As they set the world in (C)motion The (F)morning of the first sun(Dm)rise A (C)symphony of golden (Am)sunlight (G)Dancing in the Father's (C)eyes He (F)gazes at His master(C)piece As (G)all creation cries Chorus (Dm)Hal(C)le(Am)lu(G)jah, (C)hal(F)le(C)lu(Am)jah (Dm)Hal(C)le(Am)lu(G)jah, (C)hal(F)le(C)lu(Am)jah Verse 2 Man shakes the fist at heaven The breath of God still in his lungs A brokenhearted Father grieves In love He sends His only Son He was bruised for our transgressions Crushed and buried in the ground As the sunrise finds an empty tomb The redeemed of God resound Bridge (F)Holy quiet (G)grips the (Am)night The morning of the (C)last sun(F)rise Broken slumber, (G)blinding (Am)light Nations tremble (C)at the (G)sight The Son of Man just (C)split the (F)sky Every saint and (G)every (Am)scoffer Every king and (C)every (G)pauper At the name of (C)Jesus (Em)all fall face (F)down From holy (G)ground we'll (Am)rise To meet the Bridegroom (C)in the (G)sky From Earth to Heaven reigns the (F)Son

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