Had It Not Been (For A Man Called Jesus) Lyrics & Chords

By The Happy Goodmans

(C)Just suppose God (F)searched through (C)Heaven,
And couldn't find one willing to (G)be,
The (C)supreme sacri(F)fice that was (C)needed,
That would buy eternal life (G)for you and (C)me.

(C)Had it (F)not been for a place called Mount (C)Calvary,
Had it not been for the old rugged (G)cross,
Had it (F)not been for a man called (C)Jesus,
Then forever my (G)soul would be (C)lost.

(C)Well I'm so glad He was (F)willing to drink His (C)bitter cup,
Although He prayed "Father let it pass from (G)me".
And I'm so (C)glad He never (F)called Heaven's (C)angels,
From these hands, Pulled the (G)nails that torment (C)me.

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