Green Pastures In The Sky Lyrics & Chords

By Osburn Thorpe

(C)The Shepherd leads me high up to green (A#)pastures Oh, where the (C)clear, (G)sweet waters (C)flow Though evil shadows are (A#)all around (C)me I'm not afraid, (G)He's there, I (C)know The storms will come and rage around me I'm not alone, He is my shield When I'm weary, alone and forsaken He lifts me up, He is so real Though I must lay in the fields not aware Where danger waits, I may go on My Master looks then until He finds me He'll kindly backed him to the fold I know for sure He'll love and protect me Oh, when I call He's there, so I swear He'll draw us near for that final journey To that green pastures in the sky

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