Green Pastures Lyrics & Chords

By Van Hoose

(D)Troubles and trials often (G)betray those Causing the weary body to (A)stray But we shall (D)walk beside the still (G)water With the good (D)shepherd (A)leading the (D)way Chorus (D)Going up home to live in green (G)pastures Where we shall (D)live and die never (A)more Even the (D)Lord will be in that (G)number When we have (D)reached that (A)heavenly (D)shore Those who have strayed were sought by the master He who once gave his life for the sheep Out on the mountain still He is searching Bringing them in forever to keep We will not heed the voice of the stranger For he would lead us on to despair Following home with Jesus our savior We shall all reach that country so fair

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