Great Light Of The World Lyrics & Chords

By Bebo Norman

(Em)Sometimes at night, when I am (G)afraid I cover my (Em)eyes, cover my (G)shame So here in the (Em)dark, broken (C)apart Come with Your (Am)light and fill up my (D)heart (G)Oh great light of the world Fill up my (Em)soul I'm half a (Am)man here (C)So come make me (D)whole (G)Oh great light of the world Come to (Em)impart The light of Your (C)grace (D) To fill up my (G)heart The wind of this (Em)world can push us (G)around Folding us (Em)up, backing us (G)down But here in the (Em)dark, I'm not (C)alone So come with your (Am)strength and carry me (D)home

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