Gospel Changes Lyrics & Chords

By Jack Williams

(C)The prodigal son, he'd (G)been away (Am)awhile He was (F)workin' his way back (G)home now Over (C)many a ragged mile When he (F)finally crossed the (Dm)river And his (C)Father (Em)saw him (Am)near (F) There was a (C)joyful sound (G)for all the world to (C)hear Chorus (C)I listened to what the (G)Good Book said And it (F)made good sense to (Am)me Talkin' 'bout (C)reapin' what you're (Em)sowin' People (F)tryin' to be (G)free Now we (Am)got new names and (F)faces (E)This time (Am)around (F)Gospel (C)changes, Lord (G)Still goin' (C)down Jesus, He did not doubt His gift Though He knew that He had not long to live He took care of the business Teaching us how to fly Then He bowed His head And laid down to die Jerusalem, I see is standin' high But if you lose your salvation There'll be no tears left to cry Now some men worship a golden calf While others are bought and sold And if we live like that, brother, we pay the toll Gospel changes, Lord Still goin' down Still goin' down Still goin' down Gospel changes, Lord Still goin' down

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