Good Fight Lyrics & Chords

By Unspoken

(Am)Until you stop breathing, till you stop (F)bleeding Until your (C)heart stops kick drum (G)beating When it's (Am)hard times, when it's (F)long days And the (C)enemy is right up in your (G)face When your (Am)back's against the (F)ropes And you're (C)feeling all (G)alone Chorus Keep fighting the (Am)good fight (F)(never (C)give up never (G)give in) Keep letting your (Am)light shine (F)(holding (C)it high as (G)long as you live) ‘Cause I'm (Am)never gonna leave you (F)Always gonna see you (C)through to the other (G)side Keep fighting the (Am)good, fighting the (F)good Fighting the (C)good fight, (G)good fight Verse 2 Even in the roadblocks, even through the rough spots When you feel you're giving all that you got I'm with you in the next step, giving you the next breath I'll be the voice saying you're gonna make it When you're out there on you're own You are never alone Bridge Just keep on (Am)singing, keep on (F)dancing (C)Joy will be your banner and my (G)love will be your anthem You may (Am)never know (F)what your tomorrow holds But you can (C)know that I am (G)holding your tomorrow Keep fighting the (Am)good (F)fight Keep letting your (Am)light (F)shine

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