Gone Lyrics & Chords

By Switchfoot

Verse 1 (D)She told him she'd rather (A)fix her make-(D)up Than try to fix what's (A)going (D)on But the problem (A)keeps on (D)calling Even with the cell phone (A)gone (D)She told him she be(A)lieves in (D)living Bigger than she's (A)living (D)now But her world keeps (A)spinning (D)backwards And (A)upside-down Pre-Chorus (G)Don't say so-(A)long, you're not that far (G)gone Don't spend today (A)away 'Cause today will soon be Chorus (D)Gone, Like yesterday is (G)gone Like history is (Bm)gone Just try and prove me (A)wrong And pretend like you're immortal Verse 2 She said he said live like no tomorrow Every day we borrow brings us One step closer to the edge. Infinity Where's your treasure, where's your hope If you get the world and lose your soul? She pretends like she pretends like she's immortal Don't say so-long, and throw yourself wrong This could be your big chance to make-up Today will soon be Bridge (D)We are not infite (F)We are not permanent (G)Nothing is immediate (D)We are so confident (F)in our accomplishments (G)Look at our decadence

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