Gone Lyrics & Chords

By The Dixie Melody Boys

(G)Mary came unto the tomb of (C)Jesus The (G)stone had moved the Lord had gone (D)away The (G)angel said, “Fear not, I know whom (C)seek ye Oh, for (G)He is risen, (D)this she heard Him (G)say Chorus (G)Gone, the stone is rolled back (C)Gone, the tomb is empty (G)Gone to sit at His Father’s (D)side (G)Gone, over death triumphant (C)Gone, sin is defeated (G)Gone, He (D)lives forever(G)more Now, my friend, If you don’t know Christ, My Savior Oh, I beg you, please don’t wait too late to pray Oh, don’t wait until the bride has been completed And don’t wait until you hear Him say, it’s to late

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