In God's Hands Lyrics & chords

By The Fugate Family

(C)The storms may rage, the (G)winds may blow (F)Cares of life come (C)against my soul In troubled times I know just (G)where to stand (F)No safer place to be than in God’s (C)hands Chorus (C)In God’s ha-(F)-ands, I’m in good (C)hands My (G)soul is safe and se(C)cure (C)In God’s ha-(F)-ands, sweet as(C)surance Is good to know I am (G)in God’s (C)hands Sometimes it seems that trials last too long It scarcely passed and I’m must face another one And when I am done the very best I can It’s time to leave it in God’s hands Weary and feeble I've turned To the solid rock strong and firm

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