God Walks The Dark Hills Lyrics & Chords

By The Gaithers

Capo 3 (B Flat) Verse 1 (G)God walks the dark hills The highways, the by(D)ways He walks through the (G)billows (Em) Of life's troubled (D)sea He walks through the (G)cold dark night The shadows of (C)midnight God walks the dark (G)hills (Em) Just to (D)guide you and (G)me Chorus (G)God walks the dark (C)hills To guide my foot(G)steps He walks every(Em)where By night and by (D)day He walks in the (C)silence On down the (G)highway God walks the dark (D)hills To show me the (G)way Verse 2 God walks in the storm The rain and the sunshine He walks on the billows On through glimmering light Helps us walk up the mountain so high Cross our rivers through valleys God walks the dark hills 'Cause He loves you and me. Chorus God walks the dark hills To guide my footsteps He walks everywhere By night and by day He walks in the silence On down the highway God walks the dark hills To show me the way

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