God Took Away My Yesterdays Lyrics & Chords

Debra Talley

(G)I once was lost and lonely, my (Am)heart was (D)full of sin. But (Am)God loked down and (D)saw me and He (G)drew me close to Him. (Em) He (G)told (Bm)me that He (G)loved me and (C)He bid me (Bm)to come (Am)in. Then (G)said if You are (Em)sorry I'll (Am)wash (D)away your (G)sins. Chorus (Em)God (G)took (Am)away my (Am)Yesterdays and (D)left me free from sin and (Am)in that home of (D)glory, He'll (G)never mention them In a land far (D)away they'll always (G)stay, in a (Am)deep sea (Bm)called (Am)forgt God (G)took away my (Em)yersterdays, the (Am)moment (D)that we (G)met God took away my yesterdays from them I'll never run. I can't live for tomorrow for tomorrow may never come. But while I'm here I'll serve Him for me He gae His Son. And soon He's going to call me up to that home up above. God took away my Yesterdays far as east is from the west. I don't have yesterdays but I do have peace and rest. There may be no tomorrow for me down here below. But Jesus waits for me up there and that's one thing that I know.

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