God Sent An Angel Lyrics & Chords

By Doyle Lawson

(D)I was troubled in my mind and had reached my darkest time When my (G)life and my spirit was (D)low. I walked out on a span of the bridge made by man And looked (E)down at the water so (A)cold. I (D)stood shivering there on the edge of despair, Knowing (G)well I was going to (D)fall With the (G)end drawing near I had (D)no mortal fear For I had never (A)known him at (D)all. Chorus But God (A)sent an (D)angel that (G)only(A) my eyes could (D)see. He was (G)dressed all in white and (D)surrounded by light. Oh, thank God for the (A)love shown to (D)me. For the rest of my days, God will show me the way Since His messenger entered my life. I'm a part of His plan for salvation to man, As I walk through this circle of life. Never more will I doubt what my life's all about And no more will I suffer despair. I've got proof He's alive, for He let me survive And I know He's made a home for me there.

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