God Is My Refuge Lyrics & Chords

Verse 1 (G)When clouds of doubt hover over me (C)Angry waves toss me to and fro (G)There is a place (D)that I can go. (G)He’s a shield from every tempest, (C)He’s an anchor that is sure In (G)times like these, it’s (D)good to (G)know. Chorus That (G)God is my (C)refuge, A (D)strong and mighty tower that (C)I (D)can (C)run to. That (G)God (C)is my refuge, (D)Without Him, what would I (C)do? (D)Without Him, what would I (C)do? Verse 2 Once I wandered from His shelter Just ahead, I just could not see Those dark clouds so heavy with rain. Angry winds blew hard against me He called out and I ran to Him And now I am safe from the storm. Chorus God is my refuge, A strong and mighty tower that I can run to. God is my refuge, Without Him, what would I do?

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