Go Reach The World Lyrics & Chords

By Mark Bishop

(C)It all starts with just one voice That takes a stand, that (G)makes a choice To live for (C)God and (F)not hesi(C)tate To tell the world (G)about amazing (C)grace. (C)One day that seed some(F)how breaks (C)through, Where there was one, there (D)now stands (G)two. And soon an(C)other (F)takes his (C)hand A ray of hope that spreads (G)across the (C)land. Key change (A)Across the (D)mountains, (G)across the (D)sea, Soon others join (E)in harmo(A)ny. They found the (D)cross still (G)standing (D)strong And soon a migh(G)ty (A)chorus sings (D)along. Chorus (A)Go reach the (D)world, touch (G)one (D)more soul Bring one more lamb (E)back to the (Em)fold. (A)Each soul (D)another (G)flag (D)unfurled. Each voice ano(Em)ther (A)chance to reach the (D)world. (A)Don't let me (D)pray, Lord for (G)wealth or (D)fame A spark that sets the world a(Em)flame. (A)But help me (D)reach the lost and alone, To tell of joy (Em)and (A)hope where hope is (D)gone, Chorus Go reach the world, touch one more soul Bring one more lamb back to the fold. Each soul another flag unfurled. Each voice another chance to reach the world.

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