Glory Unspeakable Lyrics

By Big Daddy Weave

Verse 1 What's wrong with the world It's falling apart, we're running deeper into the dark Calling right wrong, and calling wrong right Please don't believe the lie Keep holding on to the promise We have a home beyond this Chorus We're gonna be home soon Tell people everywhere In the struggle hold on because we're almost there It only hurts for a little while But in a moment we'll see his glory unspeakable Verse 2 What's wrong with the world so much suffering We can't see past our broken hearts But if we look to the King who is soon coming Joy will never fall Keep holding on to the promise We have a home beyond this Bridge How I long for the day when this all fades away And I look on the face of the One who saves I'll lift up my eyes to his glorious light See the promise of heaven revealed in my life

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