Give Me Words To Speak Lyrics & Chords

By Aaron Shust

Verse 1 (C)Calloused and bruised dazed and confused My (F)Spirit is left wanting something (C)more Than my selfish hopes and my selfish dreams I'm (F)lying with my face down to the (G)floor I'm crying out for (F)more, (G)crying out for (F)more Chorus (F)Give me Words to (C)speak Don't let my Spirit sleep Cause I can't think of anything worth saying But I (A)know that I (B)owe You my (C)life So give me Words to speak Don't let my Spirit (B)sleep Verse 2 Every night, every day I find that I have nothing left to say So I stand here in silence awaiting Your guidance I'm wanting only Your voice to be heard Let them be Your Words, let them be Your words Bridge (G)I just don't under(Am)stand this life that I've been (G)living I just don't under(C)stand, I just don't under(Em)stand I just don't under(Am)stand these lies I've been be(G)lieving I just don't under(C)stand, I just don't under(Em)stand I know that I owe you my life Owe my life. owe my life

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