Old Time Religion Lyrics & Chords

(D)Give me that old time religion, Give me that (A)old time r(D)eligion,
Give me that old time (G)religion, It's (D)good enough for (D)me.

(D)It was good for our mothers, It was (A)good for our (D)mothers.
It was good for our (G)mothers, And it’s (D)good enough for (D)me.

(D)Makes me love everybody, Makes me l(A)ove every(D)body.
Makes me love every(G)body, And it’s (D)good e(A)nough for (D)me.

(D)It has saved our fathers, It has (A)saved our (D)fathers.
It has saved our (G)fathers, And it’s (D)good e(A)nough for (D)me.

(D)It will do when I am dying, It will (A)do when I am (D)dying.
It will do when I am (G)dying, And it’s(D) good e(A)nough for (D)me.

(D)It will take us all to Heaven, It will (A)take us all to (D)Heaven.
It will take us all to (G)Heaven, And it’s (D)good e(A)nough for (D)me.

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