Give It To God Lyrics & Chords

The Erwins

Verse 1 (C)You say you're facing a (G)mountain, there's no way a(Fm)round it, and you're getting (G)weary from the (F)climb. The burdens you (C)carry, I know there (Dm)heavy, and theres no (G)end in sight. (A#m) The roads been (E)long, (G)the ways been (F#m)rough, but there's a (F)promise for the (Dm)moments when you're not strong (G)enough. Chorus (A#)Give it to (D)God, (A#)turn it over, and (Bm)lay it in His (A#)hands. Give it to (G)God, (D)knowing that He's able to (Em)do what only He (A#)can. (D)He's a burden bearer, so (A#)cast your every care, you can (Bm)bring all that you've (D)got. Why (G)wait another (A#)day; give it to (Bm)God. (C)Just remember the (G)promise, and keep standing (A#m)on it, and know you can (G)take Him at His (F)Word. There's not a tear that has (C)fallen, A time that you've (Dm)called Him, and it went un(Gm)heard. So (A#m)trust in the (E)Lord, (G)cause He's got a (F#m)plan, when you're (F)broken, when you're weary, when you (Dm)done all you (G)can. Verse 2 Give it to God, turn it over, and lay it in His hands. Give it to God, knowing that He's able to do what only He can. He's a burden bearer, so cast your every care you can bring all that you've got. Why wait another day; give it to God.

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